Chess Trading has an experienced management team who has a deep knowledge about the foreign trade and the products that densely traded in all over the world. We have a product research and expertise teams who have extensive know-how about the critics of the various product families, quality test methods, transportation regulations and packaging requirements. Chess Trading has lots of satisfied partners in global area and we keep that sustainable relationship for years.

Strategic Planning

Chess Trading plans all the steps of overseas trade based on the contract constraints and reports all the cost, time, quality threats and opportunities.

Crisis Management

It is obvious that there are many ambiguous parameters with  compliance, regulations and audit. Chess Trading commits to handle all the issues instead of seller and buyer based on the contract circumstances.

Confident Traders

Chess Trading has experience and network in all over the world and is ready to share this system with its partners. Our consulting professionals throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, are willing to help you establish relationships with worldwide future partners.