Almost any size and sealing class is possible. Comprising of slip-on duct flanges of different sizes and a variety of different corners, our 4-bolt connection systems allow for the appropriate connecting frame to be produced for every requirement (duct size, volume flow, pressure ratios, air tightness).


The corners are the second indispensable element for producing the connecting frames for rectangular ductwork. Only optimum interplay between flange and corner allows for the best possible results regarding tightness, stability and ease of assembly.


Galvanized Fixing Clips the air diffuser neck adapter of ductwork accessories for HVAC ventilation system

Pins & Washers

Nail production, rubbing steel wire, picking, copper plating procession, the out-produced weld pins are moderate hardness, solid welding points.

Flexible & Connectors

Minimize Duct noise and vibration. Isolates Air Handling Systems and Equipment from Duct Work.

Duct Sealing

Another vital tip when installing a tile backsplash is to measure everything carefully and twice; correct measurements are extremely important so the appropriate amounts of tile and other materials can be purchased.

Provides heat, sound, isolation and suitable for ingress protection for ten years of life cycle and easy application with adhesive band

Glue – Contact Adhesive